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Wellness Fitness Initiative

Our Certified Wellness Fitness Initiative (WFI) Trainer can help improve fire fighter health, wellness, fitness, safety and performance with and individual assessment and plan.

The firefighter will receive a program to follow and guidance on improving their health and fitness. Our Certified WFI Trainer will come provide follow up to make any adjustments to the individualized program if needed.

This program is designed for fire service personnel. It requires a commitment by the individual and the department to a positive, individualized wellness-fitness program.

The program includes information on these topics:

-Medical evaluation

-Fitness evaluation
-Injury and Medical Rehabilitation
-Behavioral health
-Cost Justification
-Data collection

*Access to a treadmill with POLAR technology is needed

"The IAFF, IAFC and 10 pairs of local unions and their municipalities joined together to form the Fire Service Joint Labor Management Wellness-Fitness Task Force. The Task Force has dedicated itself to developing a holistic, positive rehabilitating and educational approach to wellness and fitness programs in the fire service..."

- I.A.F.F.